Turnland X Dauerfeuer - All my Heros are Weirdos T-Shirt / white on black



white print on black ultra heavy cotton shirt.

Every order includes one of three weird heros riso-art-prints on fine paper.

This garment is something really special for us!
Not only because, Wörn (the main character behind Dauerfeuer ) is one of our closest and best friends since forever, but also because we could introduce you the characters we heavily admire in electronic and experimental music.
David Byrne because “Talking Heads” were lyrical and musical a big influence to us. They were jumping between genres and were never being bound to expectations. Same way we still love and live it!
Larry Levan as the DJ veteran in Disco and House as the character ,out of our middle European point of view, representing the roots of house music as a gay and black culture, which gave a political and emotional home to people who needed one.
And last but not least Patrick Cowley! Experimenting with synthesizers, producing tracks that still sound relevant, fresh and giving us goosebumps even after listening to it a hundred times!
To say it in David´s words: „Never for money, always for love!"

Thanks and Love to:
Design: Wörn
Models: Sarah and Chris

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